NordVPN uTorrent SOCKS5 proxy vs Usenet


DownloadAlthough VPN is rapidly being used more and more by the average internet user, still the torrenters are the largest group of VPN users. But despite the many claims of being torrent friendly, most of the VPN services, just tolerate torrenting, but don’t provide the extra safety and tools that torrenters need.

NordVPN is one of the top VPN providers that is the exception to the rule. They have embraced torrenting and are not only merely tolerating it. Incognitoline has done an in-depth review of the best torrent friendly VPN services.

NordVPN works both with uTorrent as a VPN service and with a SOCKS5 proxy.

uTorrent with VPN vs SOCKS5 proxy vs Usenet?

The main difference between VPN and a SOCKS5 proxy is that the SOCKS5 proxy only hides your IP address, whilst VPN on top of that also encrypts your internet traffic. When using the SOCKS5 proxy all your internet traffic is routed through this proxy and will have the IP address of this proxy, making your own IP address invisible.

The result of this basic difference is that VPN is safer but slower or when looking at it from the proxy side, SOCKS5 is faster but less secure. If you don’t need the super high speed but would like to be as safe as possible, VPN is the way to go. If your main goal is to get the highest speed possible, but still being protected, be it on a lower level, the SOCKS5 proxy is your best choice.

We have searched the internet for answers and ShareConnector found the Newshosting Usenet provider to get the best consistent speed while downloading with 256bit SSL encryption. Depending on your usage scenario, it’s advised to combine Usenet and uTorrent to maximize your chances of finding the content you like.

Setting up uTorrent with the NordVPN SOCKS5 proxy

Setup your NordVPN SOCKS5 proxy with uTorrent or other BitTorrent clients by following a simple step-by-step configuration process and filling out your NordVPN proxy username and user password. You can find this proxy username and password in the SOCKS5 proxy tab when you are logged into your account.

How to set up NordVPN SOCKS5 proxy with uTorrent?

  1. Start by opening uTorrentsetup nordvpn uTorrent
  2. Then go to ‘Options’ and ‘Preferences’
  3. Click ‘Connection’ on the left side menu
  4. Configure the following in the ‘Connection preference’
    • Check the following boxes:
      • Authentication
      • Use proxy for hostname lookups
      • Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections
      • Disable all local DNS lookups
      • Disable features that leak identifying information
      • Disable connections unsupported by the proxy
    • Select SOCKS5 as the proxy server type
    • Type in the Proxy box one of NordVPN’s many P2P server addresses, marked with P2P in the NordVPN server list. (for example
    • Type in the Port box: 1080
    • Type in the Username box your NordVPN proxy username
    • Type in the Password box your NordVPN proxy password
  5. Click ‘OK’
  6. Restart uTorrent for the changed preferences to take effect

Using uTorrent means downloading a lot. When you are reading this article, you realize already that it is an absolute No, No to do that without protection. If you don’t, you might get into trouble faster than you can download.

VPN and SOCKS5 proxy both protect you when downloading but you trade safety for speed going for SOCKS5. We just want you to realize this.